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[MLP Comic Dub] Error in Trajectory (comedy)

Summary: Twilight and Spitfire realise that they should have planned much, much better.

Länge 01:10 Minuten
[MLP Comic Dub] Friendship's Witnesses (comedy)

Summary: Early in her reign as Princess of Friendship, Twilight tries to figure out what a Princess of Friendship actually does.

MLP Comic Dub - Problem Solving (Comedy)

MLP Comic Dub] I Said 'Mom' (uplifting/cute)


Summary: Filly Twilight explains the concept of 'Mother's Day' to baby Spike.
MLP Comic Dub] Fluttershy's Green Hoof (comedy)

Summary: Fluttershy is the greatest friend to animals, birds, insects and plants - all living creatures! Right?
[MLP Comic Dub] Souvenirs (saucy comedy)

Summary: Rainbow Dash brings back some ... interesting pillows from the Daring Doo convention.

MLP Comic Dub] Super Sonic Rainboom (comedy)

Summary: Rainbow Dash is determined to find the fabled Chaos Emeralds - or have Twilight magic some up so she can go Super!
MLP Comic Dub] Toys R' Us: Jack in the Box (comedy) English

Summary: Applejack is ... less than pleased with her new toy line from Hasbro.
MLP Comic Dub] Pike and Airity (comedy English

Summary: Applejack shows Rarity some of Spike's fanfiction.
MLP Comic Dub] Be My Penguin (romance/cute - FlutterDash) - SCRIBBLER'S CHRISTMAS CRACKERS #1 english

Summary: Fluttershy and Dash may be THE cutest couple to ever live. Seriously.
MLP Comic Dub] Won't Somepony Think of the Trees? (comedy)

Summary: Applejack explains the finer points of apple bucking to Fluttershy.
[MLP Comic Dub] Teleport With Error (saucy comedy) English

Summary: Twilight's aim needs some work. A ... LOT of work, actually. Celestia seems far too calm about this.
MLP Comic Dub] Bubblishes (comedy) English

Summary: Pinkie Pie tries to get an out of control giant Spike to stop his rampage, Pinkie Pie Style!

by Scribbler
-----Mlp Comic Dub Spike To The Rescue---- english

_MilliCul_ as Starlight
Anna Pegasus VA as Chrysalis and Trixie
MLP Comic Dub: Congratulations (Sad/Uplifting) English

When loyalty is divided, can there be any outcome but tears?

by PeacockStudios
MLP Comic Dub] Appledress (comedy) English

Summary: Rarity cannot let Applejack's dressmaking go unpunished!

by Scribbler
MLP Comic Dub] Mistletoe (romance/cute - FlutterDash) - SCRIBBLER'S CHRISTMAS CRACKERS #3 english

by Scribbler

Summary: Fluttershy gives Rainbow Dash her Hearthswarming gift.

[MLP Comic Dub] Pokershy (comedy) English

by Scribbler

Summary: The Mane 6 attempt to play poker.
Flying Session English


Always interrupting, right Scootaloo? XD

Well here is my first comic dub, hope you all enjoy it! I'll be uploading every week if things go to plan.
MLP Comic Dub] RariDash: Cold Outside (comedy/romance - Rarity/Rainbow Dash) - CHRISTMAS CRACKERS English

Summary: Rarity wants to play in the snow. Rainbow Dash doesn't want to - but wants her girlfriend to be happy.

by Scribbler
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