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Hello, im LunaSB or in real life Nico. you may wonder why i am talking english, this is becouse i dont speak german. this forum was recommended bye someone i met over the internet. the reason i think it can still work is becouse i can read german so as long as you guys can read english everything will be fine : Happy:
I am the first dutch brony to register on your site (that is according to the map you guys have on your site) i live near Amsterdam and my life is currently good. i am 15 and male.
i do hockey and climbing for sports and i am the average 15 year old (maybe i look a bit younger)
il be happy to awnser any possible questions, just ask.

i also have a question, how do you edit your profile?
thank you for listening : Wink:

edit: as you can see i fail at placing smiley's, how do i make it work?
i introduced myself in the proper thread, how do i delete this?
(31.08.2012)LunaSB schrieb: [ -> ]I am the first dutch brony to register on your site

Dutch! Fuck yeah!
disregard please
gar nicht, aber mods können es schließen.
Welcoem to the herd LunaSB.

Edit : Seems that I love you o.o because Im a luna lover xDDD
(31.08.2012)LunaSB schrieb: [ -> ]disregard please

No problem! Thread will be closed in a second. Welcome to!